The golden blood of the "Kanon" -
"meantimes world-famous"


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The triumphal procession of the


continues worldwide!


Geert Munnik, Noordbroek, Holland
1. National Champion
2009 middle distance Champion of Holland

He proved his best successes with – among others –
the Golden Line of the „Kanon“
with his superbird the “Jonny Boy”

And also this grandmaster of the dutch pidgeon competitions
was strengthened by means of the “Kanon-Joosten-pidgeons” !!




as to be seen at breeder Berndt Kohagen

1. German Champion 2006
4. Acebird of Germany
    10. German Champion of Yearlings

1. Regional Champion
               1. + 2. Acebird in the Regional Association
                       2 .3. 4. 6. + 9. female Acebirds in the Regional Association,
              besides of this 29 of is pidgeons flew double-digit!

His strain is built up onto the best lines of
Koopmann - Jan v.d. Pasch and Kanon Joosten !






Dieter Schlegel - Heringen

The 3.rd Whizz-bird of the association in 2004!

… again directly descended from a

Mr. Dieter Schlegel from Heringen has to be due to the
"Kanon-Joosten-bird 165".
His direct offsprings have performed a true capacity output in a true explosive dimension. As mentioned above a direct son of the
"Kanon-Joosten-pigeon" became

3.rd Whizz-bird of Germany

Also all other offsprings of the "Kanon-Joosten-bird 165"
participate in all other achieved championships.

Besides of that offsprings, given away by Mr Schlegel out of the
"Kanonbird 165", Proved their value succesfully and victoryously in other lofts!!







Hermann Josef Borger - Nettetal


Markus Eginhardt


Markus Eginhardt


Rudolf Schlotmann


Rudolf Schlotmann


Cornelis und Gerard Koopmann (Ermerveen)


Welterfolg      Cornelis und Gerard Koopmann (Ermerveen)          


Cornelis und Gerard Koopmann (Ermerveen)     



Günter Prange (Meppen)


Günter Prange (Meppen)       Cornelis und Gerard Koopmann (Ermerveen)


Vechter x Witpenneke


Günter Prange (Meppen)



Jan van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst)


Jan van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst)      Jan van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst)

Jan van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst)



Gebrüder Pouw (Nederhorst Den Berg)


Gebrüder Pouw (Nederhorst Den Berg)      Gebrüder Pouw (Nederhorst Den Berg)


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