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When I bought the " Kanon " H - 67 - 766379 from Wout Smeulders in December 1977 , it was already a legend in Holland.

It was an unusual combination of pure beauty and quality, the absolute breeding and racing - ace of the Smeulders brothers, AA Neunen NL. They gained a world - wide reputation through the offspring of the " Kanon "

In the same way as Freek Romein ( Twello ),
Berti Camphuis ( Eefde ),
C. & G. Koopman ( Ermerveen ),
Gebr. Pouw ( Nederhorst Den Berg ),
and Günter Prange (Meppen) to name but a few.

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" He was named " Kanon " because he always came shooting from a great height like a canon ball," recalled Wout Smeulders proudly, when he spoke about his favourite bird. Even the spectators, who were present during the arrival of the pigeons, knew this bird, who was unmistakable eben in flight due to its white flapping feathers and shouted: " There comes the Kanon " !

It flew countess top prices over all distances between 100 and 800 km, and also chosen for the Olympiad because of its many 1st. places.

Two sons of the " Kanon " paired with different pigeons, became Olympiad pigeons, such the " H - 70 - 2147021 " The Olympiad of Budapest " und
" Olympiade 44 " H - 68 - 1050644, " the last son of the
" Kanon " took part in the Olympiad in Brussels.

" The Olympiad 08 " a half-brother of the Kanon, even became the No. 1 in Brussels. The 2nd. grandson represented America at the Olympiad in Tokyo ! Even I placed a " Kanon son " for selection at the Olympiad for Prague.

Well it´s just one of those undeniable facts, that there is no other Jannsen line, that has ever produced so many Olympiad pigeons like the " Kanon " !

When I was building up my Kanon - Joosten - stock, I spared neither expence nor effort in order to get the very best for my loft.

Its mating pigeons are offspring of the direct granddoughter of the
" Bange van 51 ", which stem directly, from the side of the father as well as the mother, from this world famous bird of the Janssen brothers Arendonk and a granddoughter of the glorious pair of De Klak from Reusel
" Vechter of 57 x Witpenneke of 54 ".

Bange Täubin


H 70-661694

Bange pigeon (female)
Granddaughter Vechter x Witpenneke


Proof of ownership Proof of ownership


From mating the Kanon x der Bange pigeon, the " Christa 78 - 820 " and the 78 - 800 " Wonderduivin 800 " were produced amongst others. They were chosen for re-mating and can be considered as the basis during the creation of the Kanon - Joosten - strain.

The genotype of the " Bange van 51 " is predominantly in this mating strain.

From the mating with " Kanon " x granddoughter Vechter x Witpenneke the "Blue Kanon 82 - 370" and the "Vechter Duivin 82 - 342 " have asserted themselves most lastingly. They can be found amongst nearly all most important offspring of Kanon pigeons. In this mating strain the genotype ist predominantly of the " Vechter v. 57 x Witpenneke v. 54 "

Here is an example of how I consolidated and established the genetic genotype of the "Kanon" in its offspring.

From the mating of the "Kanon" with his daughter, the " Wonderduivin 800 "
78 - 800, the
" Best Daughter Kanon 79 - 110 ", the " Super daughter 14 " and the " Beautiful Kanon 79 - 127 " were produced amongst others, which due to their incredible hereditary strength, have made history and with the "Apoll " can be considered to be the absolute basis pigeons.

The "Kanon" again mated with its inbreeding daughter " 79 - 110 " producing the
" 82 - 500 Mutter Apoll "

In 1983 I mated the "Kanon" with its one year-old " Inzesttochter 82 - 500 " and this mating produced the

" Apoll 83 - 960 "
Best son of Kanon .

Christa 78 - 820

Beste Tochter - Kanon

Schöner Kanon

78 - 820
Beste Tochter - Kanon
79 - 110

Schöner Kanon
79 - 127


79-14 Supertochter

82-500 Mutter Apoll

Apoll 83-960

79 - 14
Mutter Apoll
82 - 500
Apoll 83 - 960
Photograph 1984


Bester Kanon
Apoll 83 - 960
Bester Sohn Kanon
Photograph 1998

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I also mated the " Kanon " and its incest sons and daughters with direct basis pigeons from " Albert van de Flaes, das Wonder von Ravels in Belgien ", probably one of the best and most famous Janssen breeder, who is world famous for his Vossen line.

I had a good friendship with Albert van de Flaes during his most successful time in the 1970s. I was introduced to him by my Dutch friend, Peter van Osch, who knew Albert like a fatherly friend. During our numerous visits, we often talked for hours about the quality and breeding line of his most successful pigeons, during which we received some good advice from our mutual friend, Albert van de Flaes.

Mein Freund Fachsimpeln

Here are some of his breeding pigeons, which for me have proved to be absolutely top hereditary breeding stock. Alone through the friendship with Albert van de Flaes, these birds had an influence on my loft. But despite all our friendship, even I have not been able to take these exceptional pigeons with me to Hasselt without paying for them.

As for instance the famous Belg. 78 - 6796820 " Tochter Vos - Witstaart v. 68 " x die Belg. 72 - 6112526 " Bont Janssen " an original Janssen Arendonk brothers breeding gem of singular world class quality, which was selected personally by van de Flaes at the home of the Janssen brothers. We should not forget to point out that van de Flaes was a friend of them !

Belg. 78-679820
Tochter Vos - Witstaart
Belg. 78 - 6796820